The Lewis Dee "Grown & Sexy" Radio Show  

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Show #62 (8.22.14)

I'm gonna hit that thang                 Jaye Hammer             

I like the way                                   Floyd Taylor     

We got to stay together                  Rue Davis

Wrong doers                                    Tyrone Davis

Bo hawk grind                                  Barbara Carr    

Ain't to proud to beg                       The Temptations

Second hand man                            Lomax

Watch what you tell your friends   Shirley Brown

Nothing bother me                           Ronnie Lovejoy

My work glove                                  Alonza Reid

Move something                               Lacee/Tucka

Ain't go bump no more                    Joe Tex

Let me see you shake your jelly    Omar cunningham

Nightime lover                                   J Wonn

Can't get enough                               Kenne' Wayne

No curfew                                           Mel Waiters

Do your thing                                     Isaac Hayes

He can't stop you                              Gerod Rayborn

Part time lover full time fool            Formula 5

Mind your own business                  Little Kim Stewart

Caught up                                           Lakiesha Burke

Sweet, cute love additiction            Johnny Gill

Mr. Jody                                             Marvin Sease

Caught in the act                               Fact of life

Can I stop by                                     Tyrone Davis

Man on a mission                              Willie Hill

Talk the talk                                       James Smith

Pick up the pieces                             Average White Band       

Move your body                                The Isley Brothers

Twirk it                                                Jackie Neal 

Them haters go hate                         Vic Allen/Omar Cunningham/TK Soul

Let me help you get even                Jaye Hammer

I be dog gone                                     Jous Band